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    Fish stocks and proper stewardship are directly correlated to the health of sportfishing here in Tofino. Simply put, strong fish populations are in everyone’s best interest — from the guides & clients, to all other animals or organisms dependant on salmon as a food source. When salmon prosper, so do many other aspects of our [...]Continue reading

    July fishing was over the top amazing. We’ve been getting consistent action from both large salmon and halibut, and almost every guest has left with sore arms, full freezers and big smiles. So to sum it up, the July Fishing Report for Tofino is outstanding. We guarantee that anyone with an upcoming booking should expect to […]Continue reading

    June fishing in Tofino was, as expected, even better than May fishing in Tofino. The weather has been simply immaculate here in British Columbia, and we’ve been highly privileged to show some amazing guests the Reel Tofino Experience. Not much more to say in this June fishing report that can’t be explained in a few […]Continue reading

    Tofino Fishing in May was surprisingly productive on the water. Lots of mid-20’s Chinooks and large halibut have been caught offshore trolling herring, anchovies and artificial presentations. Here’s a few images from the past month of action. You can already tell things are going to get better and better.