The waters off Tofino offer world class fishing grounds for salmon. The cold up welling currents harbour some productive waters which offer an abundance of baitfish such as herring, pilchards and needlefish; which in turn, attract a large number of feeding salmon. We pride ourselves here at Wardowest for offering an exceptional salmon fishing experience, with our professional and knowledgable guides accompanied by state of the art gear.

Types of Salmon in British Columbia

Chinook Salmon

Chinook salmon also commonly knowns as King salmon, Spring Salmon; or if larger than 30lbs, a Tyee salmon.

Chinook are one of the most sought after salmon off the coast of the North Pacific. They deliver an exceptional fight and are arguably the best tasting of all the salmon species.

Chinook are caught between the months of June through September, however, there are still “feeder” chinook caught during the winter months between November through February.

The size of Chinook salmon being caught from the grounds off of Tofino usually range between 15-35lbs, with some boats bringing in Tyee salmon that are much larger.

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon, also commonly known as the Silver salmon or the Blueback.

Coho salmon are known for their agility and acrobatics and deliver a hard fight with reel burning runs. They can be caught while trolling for other salmon species but also by buck tailing or fly fishing through the inlets of Tofino, as they often wait under kelp beds to strike at bait nearer the surface.

Coho salmon are caught in the waters off Tofino starting around mid June and can often be caught until late October.