Adventure Trips

Wardowest is continuing to find new ways to provide a full range of activities to our guest. We now offer trips that combine Hot Springs Cove with fishing, as well as bear and whale watching excursions. If you have members of the family which don't enjoy fishing as much as you do, mixing your trip adventure excursions is a great way to get them on board.


Bear Watching

Some of the best black bear viewing opportunities come from the water. We can take you into remote inlets, where the bears forage for crabs and other marine life.


Whale Watching

Tofino offers great whale watching opportunities throughout the year, from the migratory grey whales and humpbacks, to transient orcas and marine porpoise.

Hot Springs Cove

We can combine fishing with trips to Tofino’s famous Hot Springs Cove. Perfect for the whole family.