Ling Cod

Ling Cod are a popular fish to catch for all anglers, this is because they bite hard, grow big, deliver an exceptional fight for an amazing fishing experience and taste great. Our team here at Wardowest enjoys watching fisherman of all abilities pulling up these pre-historic looking fish to deliver an action-packed day on the water.

Ling Cod in British Columbia

Lincod are a Demersal fish which means they live and feed on or near the bottom of the ocean, usually surrounding rock piles and kelp beds. They are also one of the most aggressive predators caught off the waters surrounding Tofino.

Some Ling Cod have a blue tint with their flesh due to eating certain crustaceans on the bottom, this is completely normal and the blue tint disappears immediately when cooked.

They are usually targeted by jigging off the bottom and deliver and exceptional fight for anglers of all abilities. They also are known for latching onto another fish being reeled in and can’t resist the temptation of a kelp greenling. Lingcod can also be caught by trolling for salmon and with bait such as Octopus, squid or herring.

Ling cod are reguarly caught between the 10-20 pound range with some ling cod reaching well over 70lbs off the waters surrounding Tofino.