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Salmon Enhancement Society

WardoWest has been the leading contributor to the Salmon Enhancement Society for a few years now. This organization, started by Doug Palfrey, has existed for 30 years and is dedicated to salmon restoration in Clayoquot Sound.

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Measurable Results

Chinook and coho stocks in Clayoquot Sound were on the edge of disappearing when the Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society (TSES) first started restoration projects in the early 1990s, focusing on a small number of rivers each year.

Since it’s inception, the TSES has measurably improved the spawning runs of rivers within Clayoquot Sound. According to the group’s counts, salmon runs have increased from 40 to 600 on the Bedwell River, and from 100 to 2100 on the Tranquil since their work began. These results show that enhancement efforts can rebuild stocks, but also that that work has to continue.

If you care about the long-term sustainability of our Chinook salmon on the west coast, please consider donating via the link below.

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